Rainforest Connection Upcycles old Smartphones into Guardians of the Rainforest

According to the United Nations, deforestation is the second largest contributor to climate change, and up to 90% of that rainforest logging is done illegally. Rainforest Connection is a big project that uses an incredibly simple tool to respond to this illegal logging and help slow climate change and the mass extinctions that follow.


“Books About Town” Benches Bring London’s Literary Heritage to Life

London’s National Literacy Trust has joined with the UK’s leading producer of mass participation public art events Wild in Art to transform London’s landscape into an interactive, artistic literary playground. The project strings together trails of unique, custom-made benches that are shaped and painted as some of the most famous and beloved books of London’s rich and enduring literary heritage to promote literacy and the joy of reading.


Piece by Piece, Elizabeth Brunner Stitches Ethics Back into Fashion

Filling up landfills, creating unfair wages for workers, and significantly contributing to greenhouse gas emissions, fashion isn’t exactly excluded from the consumer driven decline of the environment and humanity. But is the only alternative to shop at thrift stores or forever use hand-me-downs? Among the many designers emerging from the U.S.’s fast fashion disaster is Elizabeth Brunner, who has found a way to interrupt the wasteful cycle of clothing design.


Artist Barry Underwood Creates Landscape Auras to Reveal Human Impact on Nature

A thin but deafening azure pierces the forest; a chorus of coral rings dance on the water’s edge; a bed of tangerine rondure bloom in the dew of dawn—light artist Barry Underwood doesn’t simply toss neon lights into the woods and photograph them; he carefully folds the glimmer into the nooks of each unspoiled landscape, convincing them to reveal their mysterious undertones.


Eucalyptus-inspired Hewlett Street House by MHN Design Union

Standing out amongst Sidney’s traditional homes, the contemporary Hewlett Street House on the Bronte coastline in Sydney, Australia is a curvaceous 3-level family house with a open crossed facade characteristic of the meandering branches of the native Eucalyptus tree.


Metaio Thermal Touch: Augmenting the World into a Touchscreen

Augmented reality powerhouse Metaio has now branched out into the realm of tactile content control – on top of a stunning 3D computerized visual overlay, they’ve added the hardware necessary to make wearable tech truly interactive by turning the whole world into a touchscreen.

Van Alen EEG-24

EEG technology: A Mental Map of the City

Columbia’s Cloud Lab partners with Van Alen Institute in an exploration of well-being in the city. Using the latest EEG device, they measure people’s brain waves during a walk through New York City, and propose a future in which people’s mental data, a reflection of their experiences, shape the physical environment.


Digital Self-reflection: See Yourself through JINS MEME Smart Eyeglasses

Based in Tokyo, eyewear innovator JINS has recently jumped on the wearable tech bandwagon with MEME, their new smart eyeglasses that absorb, synthesize and externalize the user’s inner physiological and psychosomatic data. Instead of bringing the outside in like Google Glass, JINS MEME glasses are electronically subscribed to your subtle inner physical and emotional changes.

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