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Anrealage Fall 2013 RTW

Kunihiko Morinaga, head designer of Anrealage, has become known for his collections centered around an innovative textile. For his Fall 2013 RTW collection that debuted at Tokyo Fashion Week he surprised onlookers once again. It started out as your average show with models stoically strutting down the runway in demure silhouettes offset by daring print combinations.

Then a pair of models in what looked like doctors’ jackets stepped to into the spotlight in the center of the stage. It became evident that they were perched atop a turntable when they slowly began to revolve. To the astonishment of the audience their once white garments morphed into fluorescent hues as they turned. As the show progressed, the light began to reveal patterns and contrasting laces as well.

After speaking with the designer’s team I learned that the textile used was called Photochromic Molecule which changes colors under ultraviolet light as a result of a molecular structural response. Once the garments are removed from the light they will eventually turn white again. This technology is commonly used in sunglasses but Morinaga developed a technique to apply it to textiles.

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