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The Enchanting Darkness of Michal Karcz’s Photography

Bored with the abundance of typical landscapes, Polish photographer Michal Karcz goes a step further by using ethereal photo manipulation to draw out emotion in the viewer.

Karcz often drapes his photos with a haunting fog, using darkness as a tool to draw focus by blocking out natural light instead of introducing extraneous spotlights. His photos are enchanting, heavy, lonely: manifesting the hidden weight that a wanderer feels in the modern world, seeking both connection and freedom. We even see nature occasionally touching the ruins of a society: a theme that may contrast our inner world with the external constructs surrounding and imposing on us.

Karcz subtle manipulations seem to portray a prophecy rather than a rendering: he even admits that his apocalyptic fears are often manifested through his work. Alternatively, some pieces direct our eyes to a small burst of light itself as a hopeful focal point.

His seamless photo manipulation leaves viewers with questions rather than answers, as any good piece of art should: What objects in this piece were already there, and which were digitally added? And more importantly, what depths lie hidden in the shadows we create? How are we severed from ourselves and the world, and how can we mend us back together? In what ways can we allow creative expression to exist without a dismissive overcast?

Photos courtesy of Fubiz and 2photo

Keara Wright

Aspiring creative author and astrophysicist, with degrees in Physics, Mathematics, and Psychology.

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