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Future of Advertising: DraftUCB and UTEC create a billboard that produces clean drinking water

Advertising has taken a bad rap in the last few years. People generally don’t like to be sold to, persuaded to purchase items they may not need. Even with the popularity of AMC’s Mad Men, advertising continues to remain a bad guy. Some cities, like Sao Paulo, have even gone as far as banning outdoor advertising throughout the city. However, one agency has taken the idea of advertising and turned it on its head.

The University of Engineering and Technology in Peru and DraftFCB created an innovative recruiting campaign targeted to prospective engineering students. The campaign consisted of a Billboard that pulls moisture from the atmosphere, filters and distributes as clean drinking water. In an area near the middle of the Peruvian desert where rainfall measures in at 0.51 inches annually, atmospheric humidity measures at 98% and clean drinking water is challenging to obtain. This kind of project is immediately beneficial to the community by providing a desperately needed resource, as well as the client UTEC, who has seen increase in visibility and a significant increase in applications to the school. UTEC will continue to prepare future generations of engineers with the skills necessary to tackle the problems of the world and improve it for the greater good.

Ian Francis

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