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Silvia Grav Photography

While Silvia Grav‘s black and white photo manipulations often feature contrasting textures melting into familiar forms, she also narrates each piece with a condensed novel’s worth of understanding of the human condition. Each photo bears the touch of a poet: in spanish, each piece is an an emotional infusion that might otherwise be lost by an unaccompanied photo. Her photos become multidimensional, left to the reader to unfold each spirited, romantic, piercing and insightful text.

Fear… its purpose is not to make you tremble, tremble because of an empty hand, due to the absence of presence that still seeks refuge in both reason and human absurdity. In time, in a life cleared of obstacles, fear, plain and simple, will never find my hand when walking towards it.”

The photos themselves still perspire with the turmoil of humanity: smoky films grazing raw exposed humans; an ocean isolated yet still influenced by its storm; dissolving skin on what used to be the most comfortable place; a garment of smoke dressing extremities while x-rays explore what’s inside. In every symbolic photo lies the challenges of life.

Grav began her creatives studies in Fine Arts in Madrid, but soon felt like her creativity was stagnating and her time spent studying was confining her. She quickly regained her momentum when she began focusing on her own artwork. While she knows she made the right decision, she admits she still has much to learn.

Constantly inspired by the abundance of social networks, Grav’s muses also include films, good conversations, travels, and personal experiences. She admits sometimes her photos display an ache in them, and isn’t sure how much originates from her, and how much is an accidental byproduct of her true intentions. Either way, her emotionally vivid black-and-whites remain an invitation to sentiment.

Keara Wright

Aspiring creative author and astrophysicist, with degrees in Physics, Mathematics, and Psychology.

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