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A House for a Photographer II

OAB architect Carlos Ferrater has built a minimalistic single-family home in Alcanar, Spain for his photographer brother, José Manuel Ferrater. Pinched between farmland and other residents, the house sits on the far end of a thin strip of land that grazes the Balearic Sea.

A long path of staggered palm trees leads up to the three opaque pieces that compose the house. One structure is designed for entertaining by housing living, dining, and kitchen room areas. Another structure is dedicated to a master bedroom, while the final piece serves as an artist’s studio and spare bedroom. This block arrangement reflects the cubist influence of another famous Spaniard, Pablo Picasso, seen in the sharp angles that collide to guide your view through each crevice. The composition is balanced with fluid, open spaces that wind between and around the three structures.

Because the low, flat land is so close to the sea, the property is enveloped in a matching ivory barrier to keep out high waters. As an extra precaution, the structures are skirted with a practical yet coordinated ‘hovering’ platform. An exterior staircase was added to elevate and connect the viewers to the landscape, sky, and sea, contrasting the home’s fresh canvas with the green and blue Mediterranean surroundings. The completed design is now punctuated by colorful furnishings from the owner’s travels to Africa and Southeast Asia.

Keara Wright

Aspiring creative author and astrophysicist, with degrees in Physics, Mathematics, and Psychology.

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