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Water Discus Hotel will offer Actual Oceanview Rooms

Having already gone all out to impress the world with the largest shopping mall, tallest building, and manmade palm-shaped islands, Dubai is now spilling into the sea to offer tourists the unusual opportunity to sleep (safely) with the fishes in an underwater hotel.

The Water Discus hotel designed by Deep Ocean Technology (DOT) will feature 21 oceanview hotel rooms located 33 feet below the waves, each securely fitted with expansive windows into the ocean. A special dive center is also found on the submarine level to allow classes of beginners and schools of advanced scuba divers to directly enter the sea from the bottom. The dive center uses an underwater airlock and a decompression chamber to safely immerse divers into their aquatic adventure.

Visitors can also take advantage of the coastal climate and views above the water with a sun deck, spa, and panoramic restaurant. For those that don’t plan on swimming their luggage to the lobby, visitors can reach the hotel by boat, seaplane, or even a helicopter.

The water hotel will be equipped with several layers of safety precautions to prepare for the unpredictability of the sea. The structure will be supported by five legs that are fixed to the ocean floor, while the underwater disc is designed to automatically surface in the event of imminent danger. The fundamental safety technologies include international earthquake and weather warning systems as well as above and underwater standby rescue equipment.

Beyond a hotel, DOT and its investment firm BIG InvestConsult AG are also looking to utilize this unique accommodation as opportunity for ecological ocean protection and research. They hope to eventually expand the hotel’s role into an International Environmental Program as a Center of the Underwater World Protection.

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