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House U on the Dalmation Coast

Designed by 3LHD Architects, the contemporary House U lends itself as a new fixture to the Dalmation Coast in Croatia. Upon receiving the project, the architects immediately took advantage of the steep, difficult plot of land to create a dynamic layout with blocked layers that complement the landscape.

The site begins with a developing garden beneath the hillside that climbs to the summit where the home offers scenic views of the ancient city of Dubrovnik, the Adriatic Sea, and the island of Lokrum. Stone tiles from the local quarry adorn the home and converge with expansive windows to connect the residents with the alluring panorama. The house’s crisp, clean appearance continues inside with white walls and soft natural-colored furnishings, wooden floors, and customized furniture that optimizes the space.

The multifamily home combines housing for a grand couple, their two children, and their children’s family. One side of the home is dedicated as the main house where the parents reside, while the other side consists of two apartments to accommodate the younger generations. While the children’s quarters utilize garden adjacency and staggered angles for privacy, the main house is more exposed. The main living room opens to a terrace that dips down into an infinity pool – perfectly situated for taking in the sea views. A wooden beam-covered terrace connects the two residential pieces and steps into adjoining terraces fit for entertaining. A parking area tucked beneath the sloping hillside streamlines the elegant façade and completes the home.

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