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Healthcare of the Future: Self Expiring Packaging

All across the globe, millions of people have medications in their cabinets that are probably past their prime. In such modern times, wouldn’t it be great if medicine told you when it was unsafe to take as oppose to playing a game of chance? A designer/biologist duo have taken up that challenge.

Designer Kanupriya Goel and Biologist Guatam Goel have developed packaging using several layers of a diffusible material. Information such as allergy warnings, side effects and directions are printed on the top layer, while on the bottom layer, universally recognizable signs for danger are printed. Over time, the ink from the bottom layer will bleed through to the other layers until the icon for danger is clearly displayed, signifying that the medication has passed its expiration date.


The duo sought out to tackle this problem after noticing their elderly relatives struggling with the small print on many of their medications. Although they initially had this in mind, the duo also sees the potential use in third world/developing countries, where access to medicine can be challenging and without understanding the dangers of consuming expired medications, which can prolong illness or even prove to be deadly, as well as curbing the act of illegally selling expired medicine to unknowing consumers.

Innovative packaging like this may one day find itself on market shelves, our homes, or in small villages across the globe, providing real-world value to consumers, and making the business of healthcare a little safer.

Ian Francis

Brooklyn-based designer enamored with all things design & technology.

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