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Tyrolean Festival Hall in Erl

The Festival Hall designed by Delugan Meissl Associated Architects has been the long-awaited companion to the Passion Playhouse (Passionsspielhaus) in Erl, Austria. This new addition finally allows the Tyrolean Festival to seasonally relocate and spill into the winter months.

While the Passionspielhaus seems to corkscrew into the mountain, the Festival Hall’s sharp asymmetric construction mimics sheets of broken rock, similar to the fault-line Vasquez Rocks in California. But their diverging silhouettes are not the only distinction; the structures’ contrasting colors allow them to take seasonal turns for attention. The Passionspielhaus’ white visage stands out against the summer’s green foliage, while the dark grey exterior of the Festival Hall peaks through winter snow to invite visitors into its heated core.

The Hall’s tapered edges cut into the interior, creating a dynamic framework that funnels visitors into the gallery, the various communication spaces, and the concert hall. The jagged atmosphere is softened by the various tones of white that stroll across the floors, walls, and ceilings.

The main attraction and bulk of the structure is the concert hall, which was built to conveniently fold into the land’s natural topography. Paneled with wood throughout, the concert hall distinguishes itself as an auditory centerpiece that can fit up to one thousand visitors. The auditorium was not created for generic, multipurpose accessibility though like many of its rivals; instead, the hall’s carefully designed acoustics are purely for the musical variety.

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