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Motion Capture Digitally Preserves and Unfolds your Lingering Pantomime

While the performing arts might scurry through our minds when questioned about the flexibility, strength, and creativity of the human body, it is the added dimension of technological accentuation through motion capture that provides a modern roadmap to our movement. The design agencies JL Design and KORB have collaborated to utilize this technology to transform physical motion into waves of texture, allowing colors and shapes to continuously emerge from our mobile bodies.

Similar to the elastic imagery of Shinichi Maruyama, the project designed for the CCTV Documentary Channel in China incarnates the domain of human continuity and elegance. The short film symbolizes the various facets of the mortal experience through our physical movement: flexibility, mobility, adaptability, strength, joy, and love.

Four idents were used to materialize various emotive concepts through the textures of steel, wood, and glass. First, steel is used to illustrate the mental and physical strength of a martial artist, dispelling and pacifying any hovering malice. Next, wood represents the natural trail left by dancers moving in sync. Afterwards, colorful steel springs from the laughter of a daughter playing with her father. Lastly, the fragility and fluidity of love is seen in the water that flows through two reuniting lovers that embrace.

The performers’ smooth contours unfold with every stretch, twirl, and gasp. Each movement becomes palpable instead of remaining another one of life’s vanishing moments, allowing our fleeting human gestures to be digitally preserved and imprinted into any obliging background.

Keara Wright

Aspiring creative author and astrophysicist, with degrees in Physics, Mathematics, and Psychology.

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