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Mentally Control Electronic Devices with the Emotiv Insight Headset

By getting caught up in life’s monotonous activities with the occasional blip of an existential crisis, we often forget that the lump inside our skulls is in fact a lean, mean, programmable bio-machine. While the constant traffic jams of information leave us stuck, entrepreneur Tan Le seeks to add another lane with a neurofeedback headset called the Emotiv Insight: a second-generation, wearable wireless device that allow researchers and amateurs alike to monitor and improve their mental performance, not to mention mentally control electronic devices.

This safe and sleek headset works by recording and utilizing your thoughts through your brain’s electrical neural activity. The EEG data then can be sent wirelessly via Bluetooth to your application of choice on nearly any platform – Android, iOS, Windows, or Linux.

Use the free mobile app linked to the Emotiv Insight to directly improve your productivity and creativity by extracting information from your brain about your levels of attention, focus, and stress. Researchers can see the raw EEG data if they’d like and laymen can use Insight’s simple reports and suggestions to improve their mental performance.

The most exciting part of the technology though is the mind control ability – using mental commands to control or communicate with objects, hands-free. This is accomplished by training the system to associate certain mental activity with a specific command you’ve assigned to it. For instance, record your neural activity while you think of moving an object upward, assign it the command ‘levitate’, and then levitate a toy helicopter using only your thoughts.

Beyond mentally controlling electronic toys, this technology also bridges the communication gap between vocally impaired individuals and their goals and desires. With the optional Developer Edition, the device can be further customized to improve and accelerate the way communicate and actualize our ideas into the world.

Keara Wright

Aspiring creative author and astrophysicist, with degrees in Physics, Mathematics, and Psychology.

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