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Twisted Solar Tower Wraps Around the Sun to Squeeze out Every Drop

Daring to combine function with form, Italian architect Paolo Venturella has designed the twisting and tilting Twilt Tower to challenge its conventionally rigid neighbor, the Eurosky Tower. Both buildings emphatically incorporate solar power as their only energy source, but the difference is the Twilt’s stimulating approach to the solar arrangement.

Venturella felt that the Eurosky neglected the creative edge necessary for a much needed update to the Roman landscape; he was disappointed with Eurosky ‘s boring boxy demeanor with solar panels simply slapped on top, as if an afterthought. He wanted the Twilt’s design to instead intertwine architectural aesthetics with maximum solar collection. His concept quickly spiraled into a stretched accordion of solar panels woven seamlessly into the tower’s external fabric.

To bring this futuristic silhouette to a classic city, The Roman tower would have 5 photovoltaic sections that twist into the sun’s path for optimal solar energy collection. The structure would begin in the southeast to catch the morning light, while each successive panel kinks and curls to follow the sun throughout the day.

While the tower’s controversial, gravity-defying shape sparks criticism of its structural stability, it’s at least inspiring: the design augments the conventional perception of renewable energy as a temporary eyesore affixed to a structure’s framework. The Twilt Tower along with other energy-conscious designs (like the pop-up solar powering pavillion) are trying to make sustainable technology a more attractive alternative. The architect hopes this piece will revive the dialogue between renewable energy and innovative architectural design, no longer sacrificing one for the other.

Keara Wright

Aspiring creative author and astrophysicist, with degrees in Physics, Mathematics, and Psychology.

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