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Cliff House Peers Over the Edge into the Arabian Sea

Designed  by Khosla Associates for relaxation and meditative reflection, this South Indian vacation home in the village of Chowara crowns the top of a steep cliff, claiming an uninterrupted view of the Arabian Sea below.

The asymmetric home features an ordinary blank countenance offset by a sweeping wooden overhang that careens towards the blushing ocean below. Warm breezes and tropical aromas drift freely through the open-air home as glass windows are replaced with ventilating louvers and many walls are omitted.

Covered terraces skirt the bi-level home and expand the second story bedrooms, sheltering them from the equable but tropical climate. Conversely, each uninhibited bathroom lacks doors and is directly exposed from above to the light, moisture, and breeze that spill inside.

Indented walls deviate inside the property to expand the volumes and circulate the fresh air. The long foyer cleaves the residence into private and public spaces, leading from the entrance all the way to the large palm-tree lined infinity pool that grasps the seaward side of the house. The interior’s amber wood and livid floors warm the homes cool façade, with the local materials of wood and kota being used throughout the home to honor the village’s culture.

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