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Villa Kanousan’s Punctured Walls reveal its Tilted Planes

Besides a few crooked windows on the outside, the Villa Kanousan in Kimitsu, Japan initially appears quite plain. The soft wooden exterior of this weekend cottage blends well into the heavily forested Mount Kano-zan. Inside though, the simplistic modesty significantly diverges.

The structural interior conceived by Yuusuke Karasawa Architects is composed of many strange angles. The unusual design was accomplished using algorithms to carefully intersect the main volume with several rotated planes. Although mathematically structured, the skewed walls that slice into one another create a sense of both order and chaos.

Punctured openings are staggered throughout the home at every convenient intersection. These apertures not only remove cumbersome barriers between adjacent rooms, but they also serve to delineate the unusual structure. By comparing consecutive cutouts, the continuity of the tilted planes throughout the space can be seen. The only respite to the homes constant sharp edges is a spiral staircase that curves up to the second floor. Upstairs, thick doors balance out the slender catwalks that lead into the various rooms.

Contorted peripheral windows cut into the interior and align with those intentionally placed cutouts, allowing sunlight to dance through the home as the day progresses. This convenient layout also allows the natural scenery to peak into every room, connecting the interior’s startling character to the quiet woodland setting.

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