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Solar Powered Window Socket Allows You to Plug In Anywhere

The Window Socket by Korean designers Kyuho Song and Boa Oh is a solar powered AC socket that suctions to any window, allowing users to easily harness hours of power for their electronic devices – photovoltaic-conversion expertise not required.

The Window Socket includes a solar panel and converter to transform solar energy into electricity and is fitted with an internal battery. It takes around 6 hours to fully charge and supplies 10 hours of continuous power when full; this allows users to immediately benefit from the solar-powered socket or conveniently toss it in their bag for later use. On top of being a green alternative to conventional outlets, the device is perfect for power outages, the outdoors, and anywhere without readily available electricity.

Right now the battery is on the weaker side; at 1000mAh, the device may be able to charge cell phones and other small devices but not household appliances. The design competes with already existing solar charging window outlets that are USB only, such as XD Design’s 1300mAh Solar Charger. Their commercially available solar device takes a whopping 13 hours to charge, but its USB connection provides greater efficiency and available power.

Early criticisms and suggestions include the use of a USB port instead of the European AC socket to significantly increase power efficiency. The designers respond by affirming their goal, which is to create a portable solar-powered socket accessible to more than just USB restricted devices.

According to Kyuho Song, as of May this year the Window Socket has moved from design concept to working prototype, where he hopes to noticeably increase its efficiency and available energy storage.

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