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6a Architect’s Accommodating Tree House Extension

Known for preserving classical ambiance in their contemporary designs, London-based firm 6a Architects has completed the Tree House as a characteristic encore to their respectable re-restoration of the Romney House.

Appropriately adding serpentine curves to some Georgian architecture, the firm’s newest residential design is an extension to architecture critic Rowan Moore’s main 1830’s weaver-style cottage. His Tree House is a bowed timber passageway leading an en suite guest accommodation.

The house exterior is paneled with reclaimed timber that easily blends into the heavily wooded garden. This contrasts with the mostly white interior, designed to create a more open impression by visually expanding the small quarters. The shotgun-style house extends into the garden while swerving around the central sumac tree, and is skirted with a matching timber walkway to easily enjoy the surrounding garden.

The curvaceous design accommodates more than just an esteemed arbor: the home extension has a smooth gradation between the elevated central cottage and the lower spare lodging, creating essential wheelchair accessibility for Moore’s extended family.

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