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The Flexible, Non-Program Pavilion Echos the Spanish Landscape

Located on the southern tip of Spain, the Non-Program Pavilion by Spanish architect Jesus Torres Garcia was designed for landscape continuity and patron flexibility.

Sealed with mirrored glass walls and trimmed with blonde wooden panels, the pavilion refreshes the surrounding fields to provide an uninterrupted continuum. This leaves its surroundings unbroken as it bends and blends into the Spanish landscape.

To accomplish this, the architect looked to the fearless silhouettes and natural landscape compatibility used by the late Brazilian architect, Oscar Niemeyer. His inspiration allowed for style without protrusion, creating an embedded consciousness of the land’s tones and contours. To further integrate the land into the design, the pavilion was constructed with passive thermal heating to reduce costs and increase energy awareness.

The pavilion is as flexible as it is transparent. The utility of the pavilion rests in its non-exclusive multifunction by lending itself to all avenues of community involvement. It is cozy yet large enough for meetings, exhibits, musical performances, and school presentations. Its deceptive size fits audiences of varying sizes, and even includes a small office for preparations. The pavilion’s versatility and camber thus shows that multipurpose buildings don’t have to lack structural creativity or ample sun exposure.

Keara Wright

Aspiring creative author and astrophysicist, with degrees in Physics, Mathematics, and Psychology.

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