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360° Building with Generous Terraces by Isay Weinfeld

Perfectly situated between Alto de Pinheiros and Alto da Lapa, the 360º Building in São Paulo provides Brazilians with some much needed space for relaxation.

In order to provide an open alternative to the normally cramped living quarters of a Brazilian commuter, architect Isay Weinfeld created each apartment with a full-sized terrace. Instead of throwing residents some scraps of comfort and luxury with a tiny balcony, he designed the terraces to be large, open and airy enough for cool breezes and beautiful views, while still remaining sheltered from the elements and any nosy neighbors.

To enter the lifted high-rise by foot, a suspended path leads directly into the main level, where a contemporary moat hovers around the building as a tranquil reflecting pool. The apartment facilities including a gym, lounge area and laundry room, which are all located one step lower on the ground floor. Beneath the ground level lie three subterranean levels of parking for the residents. The steep slope of the land exposes the sides of the lower levels to the light and air, allowing for some much appreciated ventilation.

The building is composed of 62 apartments of varying sizes, with each floor composed of two to four units. The apartments are staggered on top of one another to create a unique design that lets sun into the apartments from every direction. During its planning stages in 2009, this innovative design led to the 360° Building being recognized as the highly commendable future residential building at the World Architecture Festival.

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