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Dupli Casa: A Twisted Update to a Traditional Home

Wanting to preserve the indentation of the original house built in 1984, architect J. Mayer H. designed the Duplica Casa in Germany by carefully but significantly modifying the original traditional residence.

To accomplish this, he used the home’s unusual outline to replicate throughout the structure. While keeping the shape of the lower level the same, the architect lifted and rotated the volume by 225 degrees to create the upper level. Between the garden and upper floors rests the ground level, which functions as a smooth transition between the two layers. This augmented duplication serves to represent the expanding family within, updated with a new point of view.

The architect finished the structure by smoothing the edges with aerated concrete and adding long windows to open up each floor. The frames of the glass walls are often indented and compressed to reveal the homes shifted outlook and intentions. Compared to the original home, the garden level now spills gently onto the garden while an outdoor pool remains on the ground level.

Inside, the garden level serves as a relaxation area with an indoor pool, spa, and spare bedroom while the second level offers many spaces for entertaining, including a foyer, living room, dining room, and parlor area. The architect topped the home with five bedrooms on the third floor, each being carefully spaced so as to create a quiet atmosphere for each occupant.

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