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Evena’s Eyes-On Glasses Allow Nurses to See through Skin

Harnessing the power of augmented reality technology, Evena Medical has created the Eyes-On Glasses as a wearable device that allow medical professionals to see through skin. The glasses are a portable, real-time 3D imaging apparatus that maps the veins in the body and displays that digital information over the viewers normal line of sight.

The glasses are designed to make vein location for IV insertion no longer a guessing game. By quickly tracing the veins and displaying the map in realtime, the device allow nurses to avoid the pain and discomfort caused to patients from multiple attempts at vein location. On top of that, the glasses can store those images and videos while easily transferring them via WiFi or Bluetooth to other medical professionals.

The technology works by beaming infrared light at the source location. This light penetrates the skin and is absorbed by the de-oxygenated blood found in the veins, while the oxygenated blood found in the surrounding tissue is reflected. This makes the veins appear dark and all of the other tissue appear light. The mapped data is then projected onto the center of the lenses to provide a real-time overlay onto the viewer’s natural field of view. By simply gazing through the glasses, nurses can see exactly where the veins are and quickly administer the necessary fluids.

Especially useful in developing countries and disaster emergencies, the glasses will enable medical professionals to quickly and accurately help trauma patients without guesswork or wasted time. The Eyes-On Glasses will be demonstrated in December 2013 during the annual Radiological Society of North America meeting in Chicago and are expected to be available to medical professionals next year.

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