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Textured Terrains of Light and Grace: Vineta Cook’s Abstract Photography

Amidst the thick swamp of beautiful landscapes and candid photography out there, abstract art is what waits patiently for our attention deep beneath the murky water. Many often overlook the unusual abstract pieces because they simply don’t understand them – but that’s exactly the point. While typical photography tells a story that you quickly do or do not identify with, abstract photography forces you to think. The brain is always instinctively trying to define what it sees, and abstract art is the challenge your brain craves. Instead of an instant impression, good abstract photography engages you in a creative dialogue between the artist’s lines and your imagination.

Great abstract photography, however, slides an arm across your shoulders and won’t let you leave until the conversation is over.

By moving away from the identifiable world, the viewer is forced to manifest meaning out of a swirl of expression. Textures, lines and color alone offer a mood to the photo while careful lighting and angles direct your gaze. Everything in between is purely imagination: a direct reflection of your inner world extracting what it wants to see.

Although many abstract photographs focus on strong contrast and sharp lines, Lithuanian photographer Vineta Cook‘s photos are saturated with such gentle hues that you linger in curiosity and wonder. In her “Mini Universes” series, Cook both creates and discovers the beauty of form through textured terrains of light and grace. She conveys beauty in isolated form by dissolving the obstruction of function. To create this enigmatic effect, she uses a macro lens that “focuses so acutely that we see the wrinkles but do not recognize the elephant in the picture,” explains fellow artist Anne Darling.

Cook’s photographs have been featured on many TV shows including NCIS: Los Angeles, The Mindy Project, and Two and a Half Men. Her work has also been incorporated into designs by major companies such as Microsoft, Verizon, and Mastercard. Her photography is currently featured at the Art Pic Gallery in North Hollywood as well as Art Image in Sao Paulo.

Keara Wright

Aspiring creative author and astrophysicist, with degrees in Physics, Mathematics, and Psychology.

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