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A Nod to Punk, Dark and Plaid: The Alexander McQueen Fall 2014 Menswear Collection

When we think of such artistic and ingenious designers as the late Lee Alexander McQueen, we normally only associate their work with women’s fashion – but the McQueen brand in fact also has a very fervent menswear following.

Through his brand, the spirit of fashion legend Alexander McQueen lives on to honor his prominent stature as a fashion mastermind and innovator.

Starting his career in the early 1990’s, McQueen made his way by shocking the naysayers with political uproar and theatrical fashion shows: rings of fire and amazing technique and fabric compositions shattered the rules of fashion. He also pioneered the grunge movement, which ultimately led to him creating imaginative designs for A-list celebrities around the world including the 10-inch hoof heels worn by Lady Gaga.

Even though he’s gone, his genius is still felt. Previously McQueen’s assitant, Sarah Burton is now the Creative Director and leading the women’s collections, and as of January of 2014, Harley Hughes is the new menswear designer. This recent Alexander McQueen menswear collection plays on the boyish and fanatical side of androgyny and dark brooding punk aesthetics, with an added precision. Burton even stated that simplicity was used to “cleanse the palette.”

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The show was held at Welsh Chapel in Central London, on January 7, 2014; desacralizing a church or holy site has often been a constant for a McQueen show. The dark ambiance was perfect for the presentation of the clothing and the location. Leather coats, plaid jackets, subdued black and gray jackets, and double-breasted coats with kilts were seen.

The designers were inspired by English photographer John Deakin as his work is seen on a few of the shirts and jackets. The offset of gold and silver accents only added to the preeminent crow feathers that were worn by the models. The tailoring of the suits and chunky boots added a militaristic feel to the collection, finishing the designs so well that it was almost as if McQueen himself had guided the hands of its creation.

Henny Jacobs

Henny is a freelance Fashion Writer with years of experience and knowledge of fashion, art and style. Henny also has a MFA in Fashion Journalism and a BFA in Fashion Design/Marketing.

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