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Releasing the Painful Past through Beautiful, Augmented Perspectives: Elizabeth Moss Photography

After taking a closer look, you begin to make out the dark curtain of pain as it bends and winces with each howl of the impending wind. But as the breeze grows stronger, you sense the growing relief as the heavy, reluctant memories associated with those tainted scenes blow away.

Although her wispy imagery may look like digital smudging, Elizabeth Moss‘ latest series “Release” was captured through long-exposure photography while revisiting the places in her past that once haunted her with negative experiences, in order to photographically morph them in a more positive light. And while many think painting is more personally therapeutic, Moss feels that photography can be even more powerful because you can actually capture real evidence of your life while still being able to shift your views of it at the same time.

“I think dwelling on negative issues from the past is an unfortunate part of human nature,” Moss tells GARAKAMI. “This series was a way for me to replace negative memories with more recent positive ones and it was very helpful in that regard. Photography is like a therapeutic drug for me. I’m constantly exploring myself through it and I always have to go back to get another dose in order to maintain the desired effect.”

Change is also a common underlying theme seen in her various series “Distorted Memories,” “Transitory Distractions” and “Release.” While many photographers limit their presentations of time by selecting and dwelling in single moments, somehow she presents a fluidity in time within each photo. Moss believes that

“it’s an artist’s job to convey their unique view of the world to the best of their ability and if they’re successful in doing so, their works should transcend time. For me, art is not just about making something pretty to look at. It’s an opportunity for me to make a change in myself and my perception of the world. I think the key to happiness is perception.”

Moss is currently working on her next project titled “Alone,” which explores her challenges and fears of being a first-time parent.

Keara Wright

Aspiring creative author and astrophysicist, with degrees in Physics, Mathematics, and Psychology.

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