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The Surrealist Relation between Desire and Delusion: Kila and Rusharc Photography

Artists Alessandra and Philip, better known as Kila and Rusharc, joined forces through their mutual appreciation for science and artistic expression. Through their collaboration, they produce stunning surrealist photography that fools the senses while still folding in many layers of symbolism.

Their latest series titled “The Impossibility of Love” initially sounds a bit depressing, suggesting that it’s the manifested visage of resentment from many failed romantic attempts. But that’s not it at all – it actually means something entirely different and much more complex.

Here, ‘possibility’ doesn’t just refer to what could be, but rather it refers to the things that we haven’t even considered; it’s a challenge in fact to “look again, with wonder, at the horizon lines of our physical and emotional landscapes,” the artists explain. So the photo series doesn’t define love as impossible; rather it points out our reluctance to step back and ponder the unusual relationship between logic and emotion.

This chosen dichotomy stems from the concept of l’amour fou (mad love) coined by the founder of surrealismAndré Breton. Here, ‘mad love’ describes someone who has abandoned everything in the pursuit of love and passion – teetering dangerously on the boundary between desire and delusion.

While the artists manifest this concept in traditional surrealistic fashion by merging the absurd with the familiar through artistic, scientific experiments between love and logic, they uniquely deviate in their presentation – they actually pose real, physical objects against backdrops of landscapes instead of creating them through paintings. While their flawless blending may have you squinting in skeptical analysis, this infused uncertainty was actually apart of the set design; the artists wanted to really instill the sense of confusion between what is real and what is artificial – in love, and in life. 

Besides the typical sort, the photos series can be interpreted as exploring many different types relationships including love itself and lover, and consumer and product. Mistrust, dissolution, magic, dependency, illusion, and infatuation are all emotional experiences explored through the complex interactions of K&R’s juxtaposed elements.

Keara Wright

Aspiring creative author and astrophysicist, with degrees in Physics, Mathematics, and Psychology.

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