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The Apocalyptic Hodge-Podge: Gareth Pugh’s Fall 2014 Collection

Gareth Pugh is a daring designer, whose name alone is synonymous with the quintessence of craftsmanship, ingenuity and absolute creative liberation. By using his incredible artistry he is somehow able to stretch his innovative mind even further. By combining a hybrid of distinctive designs, Pugh inescapably shows that he walks to the beat of his own sci-fi fashion drum. In his Fall 2014 collection as shown at Paris Fashion Week, he once again proved that architecture and sculpture could vastly become part of a fashionable aesthetic.



Pugh incorporated futuristic designs into his fall collection with his structural and starched symmetry while adding a very soft yet striking appeal. The color palette was an array of aluminum silvers, beiges, vanillas and eggshell hues.

The beauty was really in the mixture of meticulous drapery and fine technical sewing. Billowing fur dresses only added to the fusion of starched and stiff high neck collars, as well as extremely high top hats.

The apocalyptic aspect of the collection gave way to mysticism and wonder, while the mastery continued with avant-garde overlays, latex and plastic shirts and jackets, paillette adornments, regal headpieces and twisted heel boots; all of which looked as if they morphed from the clothing. The funnel-neck coats, reflective silver fabrics and the white furs looked ultramodern and primitive all at the same time. Pugh’s 2014 fall collection can easily be thrown into a movie set where the world is coming to a shattering end, and women still have a need to look ostentatious and fabulous.

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It’s safe to state that Gareth Pugh is a designer who will inspire many through his transformational art and magical craziness of beauty in fashion.

Henny Jacobs

Henny is a freelance Fashion Writer with years of experience and knowledge of fashion, art and style. Henny also has a MFA in Fashion Journalism and a BFA in Fashion Design/Marketing.

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