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Beautifully Salvaged: Brigid Oesterling’s Raw Creations


Brigid Oesterling is a designer who uses unconventional techniques to create beautiful upcycled designs. By modifying a mix of recycled and re-used materials, she is able to produce high fashion.

Designing under the name Brigid KO, Oesterling utilizes scraps from old motorcycles, bicycles and car tires to construct edgy pieces, creating bold and biker chic looks. Having been around motorcycles for a while, she noticed her fondness of raw and non-traditional textiles and decided to incorporate them into her collections. Making crafty usage of those materials, she constructs headpieces, bracelets, chokers, skirts and dresses, all of which are made from pleather and the rubber inner casings of old tires.

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 1.22.39 PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 1.17.07 PMThese designs could easily be alongside many designs on the runway, with the authentic and recycled approach that some designers have also implemented in the past. Oesterling’s background in sculpture, painting and ceramics allows her to functionalize her creations, sculpting designs that connotes sexiness and eroticism for the daring woman. Aside from the craftsmanship, Oesterling also keeps the environment in mind; by using recycled materials, she is able to reduce waste while also creating one-of-a-kind pieces full of volume and shape.




Oesterling explains her design approach:

“My work incorporates a variety of elements. So, the looks are sculptural and sensual and invoke a unique meshing of eroticism and a clean, futuristic feeling. I like clean lines, and I love subtle details. I take extra time to do detailing like beadwork or leatherwork, and I think that adds a unique contrast to the rawness of the materials, especially the inner tubes.”

The quality of design and labor is definitely shown in Oesterling’s handmade ensembles, as she incorporates a sort of unusual elegant “armor” for women.

For information on purchasing Brigid Oesterling’s designs, visit her e-shop on

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