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Prachasongkroa Kindergarten: A Dramatic Redesign of Educational Ambiance

Already home to a floating jungle hotel, the small town of Kanjanaburi in Thailand has recently added another unusual architectural piece to its name with the newly remodeled Prachasongkroa Kindergarten.

After the original scholastic structure was deemed unsafe and probably un-fun, the school took the opportunity to offer their students something more than a hollow chamber of desks and chalkboards. Designed by Bangkok-based architect Nutthawut Piriyaprakob of NPDA Studio, the school’s new building incorporates a stimulating atmosphere by infusing the design with contrasting concepts accompanied by the encouragement to understand them.

Piriyaprakob began the new building by optimizing the small amount of space provided; by taking the structure one story higher, the school immediately breaks with convention as it lifts above and bends around the surrounding buildings that it’s pinched between.

And amidst the surrounding drab concrete walls and somber locale, color use was designated as a priority. A flushed red complexion sweeps through the bowed exterior, updating the pale concrete with a more dramatic facade. With a mix of opposing shapes and tones, the design abruptly mingles traditional rigid construction with contemporary flexibility and design full of curves and color. And although the high contrast of red and black seems to dominate the exterior, inside the classrooms are finished with softer hues that sooth and inspire.

The Prachasongkroa school provides a reminder that growing and learning should be fun. The subtle information around us permeates us just as much as the information we’re intentionally told to ingest, so it makes sense to blend the two inputs together to strengthen young minds with an educational experience full of contrasting ideas, creative approaches, and innovative solutions.

Keara Wright

Aspiring creative author and astrophysicist, with degrees in Physics, Mathematics, and Psychology.

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