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Contemporary Vista House by Alexander Brenner

Built in 2012 for two art connoisseurs, the Vista House in southern Germany serves both as a wooded hillside retreat and a personal art gallery. Designed by Stuttgart-based architect Alexander Brenner, the home features his characteristic contemporary stacked block volumes, cantilevered roofs, clean lines and crisp mien.

While the clients wanted an open atmosphere to their home, the close proximity of the neighbors confined the windows to the south and west faces. This didn’t affect the airiness of the home however as the architect optimized the light from most of the south facing walls with floor-to-ceiling windows. This actually worked to their advantage; the window restrictions helped to channel and frame the impressive south facing views of the city of Stuttgart below.

Inside, the layered angular partitions continue with white canvas walls freckled with paintings and artwork, which is contrasted with the dark bog oak flooring throughout. The focal point of the south entrance is a large light sculpture by artist Tobias Rehberger that dips from the high ceiling into the living room.

The two-story home also features an in-line level pool, a hidden exterior stairway and a disguised garage with an asymmetric, vertical planked facade that cuts into the natural sandstone wall.

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