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Digital Self-reflection: See Yourself through JINS MEME Smart Eyeglasses

Based in Tokyo, eyewear innovator JINS has recently jumped on the wearable tech bandwagon with MEME, their new smart eyeglasses that absorb, synthesize and externalize the user’s inner physiological and psychosomatic data. Instead of bringing the outside in like Google Glass, JINS MEME glasses are electronically subscribed to your subtle inner physical and emotional changes. Posture, speed, calories burned, and eye movement are a few things that the glasses measure to reveal your internal state.

And the glasses do this without any cameras or unusual obstructions. MEME gathers your biometrics via tiny technology hidden in the frame of the glasses, which includes a gyroscopic sensor, an acceleration sensor, and electrooculography technology that tracks eye motion. The data is then sent wirelessly to the user’s Bluetooth-enabled device where it can detect such complex states as being stressed or tired.

“Until now, glasses have only been used to see the outside, but now we can see what’s going on inside the user,” JINS President Hitoshi Tanaka explains.

MEME glasses have a variety of applications including in health, safety, and work productivity. In fitness, the device can incorporate physical activity and performance for tracking health goals. When on the road, if the glasses detects the eye movement and instability characteristic of a drowsy driver, they send a text alert or sound to your synched phone urging you to pull over and rest. At work, the device is sensitive enough to detect eye strain and suggest that you to take a break from the monitor.

So far three different styles are available to choose from, including a sunglasses model, and can be customized with prescription lenses. Inside, the eyewear tech is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that holds charge for 8 hours with an optional attachable backup battery for extended use.

The glasses are available now for pre-order, with the estimated price ranging between $685 and $979. Although the MEME glasses won’t be shipped until Spring 2015, JINS will offer an SDK programming kit this fall to app developers eager to capitalize on the power of JINS new platform for collecting and visualizing personal metrics.

Keara Wright

Aspiring creative author and astrophysicist, with degrees in Physics, Mathematics, and Psychology.

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