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Eucalyptus-inspired Hewlett Street House by MHN Design Union

Standing out amongst Sidney’s traditional homes, the contemporary Hewlett Street House on the Bronte coastline in Sydney, Australia is a curvaceous 3-level family house with an open but crossed facade characteristic of the meandering branches of the native Eucalyptus tree.

Designed by MHN Design Union, the suburban home was built to combine the benefits of both privacy and accessibility. The asymmetric latticed facade extends around to the rear of the home, exposing the top floor to the beckoning coastline below. The unique rooftop cutouts also allow for a gentle play of sunlight and shadows across the living and dining spaces throughout the day. This unique design conveniently encourages the northeastern wind to sweep through the home to create a passive ventilation system.

Conversely, the second floor below serves as an enclosed retreat effectively hidden from the public eye. Sandwiched between the exposed first and third floors, the goal was to provide quiet comfort within the sleeping quarters.

Each of the three levels of the house were constructed separately so that their orientations were flexible. The top floor is twisted around a connecting spiral staircase to face the beautiful Bronte beach below, while the second level is angled directly to the street. Though cavernous, the bottom floor stares agape towards the backyard pool and garden, designed for entertaining and outdoor play.

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