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New Smart Cup Vessyl Tracks Your Every Sip

After seven years in development, the tech-infused cup Vessyl designed by Yves Behar of Mark One is available for pre-order. The smart, thirteen-ounce cup identifies and analyzes its contents by using advanced sensors to determine the beverage’s molecular composition–including the amount of calories, sugar, fat, protein, caffeine, and sodium that the beverage contains.

Not only is the nutritional information displayed directly on the cup, but it is also sent to an app on your smart phone to track your drinking habits. In a market full of fitness gadgets and health trackers, Vessyl packs a punch by providing you with instant, downloadable information while monitoring your hydration throughout the day.

Justin Lee, CEO of Mark One, tells Fast Company Design that “we wanted the feedback to be really, really quick because we want to make sure we empower consumers to make healthier choices in real time.” One way Vessyl achieves this goal is by exposing the poor nutritional content of many of the most popular beverages in consumers’ diets. People who use the cup can also check their hydration levels by simply tilting the cup to its back and viewing the bright blue line (called the “Pryme”) that rises and falls in conjunction with hydration levels.

Vessyl can easily recognize thousands of drinks, and it can even distinguish between the most similar ones such as the different flavors of Gatorade. But Lee is careful not to reveal too many details about how the cup performs its magic. The device appears as a regular, empty thermos; it doesn’t contain any small holes to sample the liquid or any little parts that stick out anywhere. But inside, undisclosed algorithms and a complex processor work hard to analyze and distinguish the specific beverage type and its unique nutritional content.

Although it will not be released until 2015, Vessyl is available for pre-order now and already has an edge on its competition due to its simplicity. You don’t have to remember to strap it onto your wrist or your clothes every day. It is easy to understand, and it contains a spill-proof lid. Without missing a beat, Vessyl replaces the bottle or thermos you usually grab as you head out the door. No more guessing. No more counting. Vessyl does it for you.

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