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The Dissolution of Ink and Pencil: Foreign Bodies by Vesna Jovanovic

Subtle protrusions of intravenous nails, a moth nesting in the cavity of an inner wall, peas sprouting from the heart, and battery caps bouncing off of a lung are all examples of visual oddities found in Vesna Jovanovic’s newest project. These “Foreign Bodies” blend into the organs so seamlessly that, without the indicative title of each piece or a sharp eye, they might easily be brushed over as parts of the human body.

Merel Bekking’s Neurological Search for the Perfect Product Design

The job of designing products is already a rough task even before you consider the amount of fundamental uncertainty a consumer feels about their own preferences and emotions. If, however, MRI scans could map neurological preference, could the perfect product be created? Merryl Bekking, Dutch designer, explores the possibilities.