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Weerapong Chaipuck

Weerapong Chaipuck is a photographer from Thailand who’s captured numerous stunning scenes from around the world during his travels after early retirement.

DROP eco-hotel modules

DROP is a modular, mobile hotel suite that you can place just about where ever you like with minimal impact to the environment. Built for eco-friendly luxury travelers, the pod can hold up to two adults.


This short film delves into the effect of technology on our daily lives and what role they plan in modifying our behavior. Will tech continue its climb to dominate or will we push it into the background where it really belongs? Take a look and…

Pee Power

Your toxic waste could potentially become the next source of renewable energy if this project gains traction. They are still ripe. Wonder what they have in store?

The 3Doodler Printing Pen

One can consider the 3Doodler the freestyling little brother to the stationery, older brother. This 3d pen is for super fast prototyping and sculpting. Check out the site and support the project in kickstarter.