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Contemporary Vista House by Alexander Brenner

Built in 2012 for two art connoisseurs, the Vista House in southern Germany serves both as a wooded hillside retreat and a personal art gallery. Designed by Stuttgart-based architect Alexander Brenner, the home features his characteristic contemporary stacked block volumes, cantilevered roofs, clean lines and crisp mien.

Black Cube House by KameleonLab Preserves while Undressing the Void

Designed by KameleonLab’s architects Rafal Specylak and Kuba Wozniczka, the Black Cube House in Wroclaw, Poland was born as an extension of a simple 1970s house on the property. The clients goal was to transform the modest estate into a full-figured modern home that doubled the amount of living space, preserved the original structure and created a dramatic entryway and terrace.

Tyrolean Festival Hall in Erl

The Festival Hall designed by Delugan Meissl Associated Architects has been the long-awaited companion to the Passion Playhouse (Passionsspielhaus) in Erl, Austria. This new addition finally allows the Tyrolean Festival to seasonally relocate and spill into the winter months.