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Contorted Manhattan Skylines: Brad Sloan Photography

In his photo series captured during a three day trip to New York, Brad Sloan shows us his city-bending, Inception-like photography displaying contorted aerial views of severed Manhattan skylines. Harshened by a monochromatic filter, the photos outline the notion that symmetry can still be born out of structural discontinuity.

Tyrolean Festival Hall in Erl

The Festival Hall designed by Delugan Meissl Associated Architects has been the long-awaited companion to the Passion Playhouse (Passionsspielhaus) in Erl, Austria. This new addition finally allows the Tyrolean Festival to seasonally relocate and spill into the winter months.

Silvia Grav Photography

While Silvia Grav’s black and white photo manipulations often feature contrasting textures melting into familiar forms, she also narrates each piece with a condensed novel’s worth of understanding of the human condition.