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Artist Barry Underwood Creates Landscape Auras to Reveal Human Impact on Nature

A thin but deafening azure pierces the forest; a chorus of coral rings dance on the water’s edge; a bed of tangerine rondure bloom in the dew of dawn—light artist Barry Underwood doesn’t simply toss neon lights into the woods and photograph them; he carefully folds the glimmer into the nooks of each unspoiled landscape, convincing them to reveal their mysterious undertones.

Contorted Manhattan Skylines: Brad Sloan Photography

In his photo series captured during a three day trip to New York, Brad Sloan shows us his city-bending, Inception-like photography displaying contorted aerial views of severed Manhattan skylines. Harshened by a monochromatic filter, the photos outline the notion that symmetry can still be born out of structural discontinuity.

A Canvas of Water: Heidi Westum’s Oil-Painted Macro Photography

While macro photographers often focus on the detailed textures of insect and flowers, amateur photographer Heidi Westum deviates from the norm to take us instead on simpler yet more structured macroscopic journey. She arranges water and oil so carefully that each drop’s apparent inertia quickly slips under the guise of motion.

The Elusive Liquid Sculptures in Jack Long’s Photography

Inside every photograph lies the assumption of continuity. We admit that the simple objects of our attention may change with time, but when only a second has passed, we shrug off any variations as imperceptible. Upon entering the photographic world of Jack Long, however, we learn that his subjects already cease to exist after 1/10,000th of a second.

Silvia Grav Photography

While Silvia Grav’s black and white photo manipulations often feature contrasting textures melting into familiar forms, she also narrates each piece with a condensed novel’s worth of understanding of the human condition.