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The Palm-sized Chemistry Lab that Costs Less than Your Morning Frappucino

Stanford bioengineer Manu Prakash has created a $5 hand-cranked chemistry lab from music box parts that, instead of pricking metal tines to sound different tones, yields precise amounts of designated liquid chemicals. The small device is an inexpensive, easily manufactured, programmable and energy self-sufficient tool applicable to a wide variety of scientific and educational industries.

Merel Bekking’s Neurological Search for the Perfect Product Design

The job of designing products is already a rough task even before you consider the amount of fundamental uncertainty a consumer feels about their own preferences and emotions. If, however, MRI scans could map neurological preference, could the perfect product be created? Merryl Bekking, Dutch designer, explores the possibilities.

Scientists Reveal Stunning Video of a Memory being formed at the Molecular Level

Researchers at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University have recently been able to visually capture a memory being formed at the molecular level as it happens. Using advanced imaging techniques, Dr. Robert Singer and his team at the Department of Anatomy and Structural Biology have finally penetrated the elusive layer between the intangible memories and their previously only indirectly observed processes.

New Cellular Anti-Aging Compound to Begin Human Trials Next Year

Although aging is a thing some try to combat the proactive way with a healthy diet and exercise, researchers have found that our biochemistry plays a significant role in muscle deterioration at the cellular level. In a recent study, researchers found that replenishing NAD+ levels could restore the muscle tone of a 60-year-old human to that of a 20-year-old.

Heat from Underground Train Tunnels will soon Warm London Homes

While we usually consider it to be cold and damp underground, the train tunnels in Europe are a different story. Heat from the train’s engines, brakes and crowds warms the tunnels and continuously escapes through the exits. In November this year the Islington Council announced it will be channeling this lost heat to nearby homes through the Celsius project.

Scientists have Found that Distractions can actually Improve your Memory

Researchers have found that mentally rehearsing information we want to remember isn’t just an act; it actually helps us retain memories by strengthening neural connections. But when working on a project that seems overwhelming, many of us intermittently seek distraction to rest our brains for a bit. Fortunately scientists at University College London have found that these distractions can actually improve our memory, not hinder it.

Art by Algorithms: Dimension through a Ballpoint Pen

Dimension is a careless thing, wondering wherever it pleases. But fastened to a page, even snapshots of 3-dimensional figures with familiar shapes and horizons lack the feeling of depth. Visual artist Christopher Arabadjis responds to this with drawings devoid of classical appeal and color; instead, he extracts their basic foundations of texture and shape to make them the only focus.