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Piece by Piece, Elizabeth Brunner Stitches Ethics Back into Fashion

Filling up landfills, creating unfair wages for workers, and significantly contributing to greenhouse gas emissions, fashion isn’t exactly excluded from the consumer driven decline of the environment and humanity. But is the only alternative to shop at thrift stores or forever use hand-me-downs? Among the many designers emerging from the U.S.’s fast fashion disaster is Elizabeth Brunner, who has found a way to interrupt the wasteful cycle of clothing design.

Finally, a Designer that uses every Crayon in the Box: Roksanda Illincic’s Pre-Fall 2014 Collection

We often forget that much of fashion design begins as a work of art – except it means even more because we live our lives in it. The indelible creations of fashion designer Roksanda Illincic in her Pre-Fall 2014 Collection are an excellent example of this with their striking Crayola bright colors, meticulous cuts, and sleek variations in designs and shapes.

The Sustainable Style of Stella McCartney’s Pre-Fall 2014 Collection

Stella McCartney’s Pre-Fall 2014 collection demonstrates that ethical and sustainable fashion doesn’t have to resign to formless, potato-sack dresses. Using gentle organic fabrics and vegetable-oil-based faux-leather, McCartney designs form-fitting, draped and pleated styles with confident choppy patterns that resemble the quality and detail expected from similar big name designers.