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Empowering Patients through Scientific DIY Diagnostic Apps and Tools

In the internet world of information and misinformation, it’s easy for worried self-diagnosers to incorrectly turn a benign zit into something as scary as cancer. Luckily several new affordable smartphone-compatible devices are now in development that do everything from a routine physical exam to analyzing glucose and protein levels – allowing patients a non-invasive and quick alternative that would save hundreds of dollars and many idle hours spent in a waiting room.

New Cellular Anti-Aging Compound to Begin Human Trials Next Year

Although aging is a thing some try to combat the proactive way with a healthy diet and exercise, researchers have found that our biochemistry plays a significant role in muscle deterioration at the cellular level. In a recent study, researchers found that replenishing NAD+ levels could restore the muscle tone of a 60-year-old human to that of a 20-year-old.